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"After three treatments I feel great. Before seeing you I went to our family doc and an orthopedists for my lower back spasms and elbow pain. Your exam was more thorough than the two of them put together. Thanks again."
       ~S. Willis, Emmett

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Differences Between Eastern and Western Medicine

“It’s all about you.”

Don’t Spend Another Season Suffering With Allergies!
It's All About You

You have taken an important step in increasing your awareness and improving and protecting your health and the health of your family. At Alderman Medical Acupunture of Idaho we have a saying, “It’s all about you.” “It’s all about you” is not just another slogan, it’s a philosophical metaphor that deals with the theoretical underpinnings of Eastern Medicine, our caring and your innate energy systems that maintain the bodies balance (homeostasis). Energy (Qi), in Traditional Oriental Medicine, its fluidity, abundance, balance, and regulation is the main differentiation between the medical art and science of eastern medicine and western medicine. Western Medicines “magic bullet concept” suppresses disease and disregards, frequently, what we have learned… that suppressing disease is not enough to restore health. .

Disease is a result of complex, interacting forces. The fact is that disease doesn’t just occur. Our genetic makeup, environmental stressors, emotional balance, diet and lifestyle degrades or enhance our ability to heal and fight off pathogenic insults.

Machines, Soul and Sprit

Don’t Spend Another Season Suffering With Allergies!

Western medicine views the body as a machine: The heart is a pump, the bladder and kidneys are plumbing, the brain is a computer—our joints are hinges that rust with age—and so on. Western doctors are trained to repair our "machines," so their thinking is mostly reactive. They wait for a problem to occur, and then try to cure it. Thus, Western medicine considers disease an attacking entity which must be destroyed. Powerful antibiotics are used to wipe out germs -- or if the problem is a tumor, it's surgically removed. Unfortunately, this puts less emphasis on general good health. Instead, we look for some breakthrough cure for every problem—a magic pill or procedure that will repair the body and restore it to working order.

“Americans are losing patience with the limits of conventional medicine. They've had it with whiling away hours in waiting rooms, curt doctors, and an impersonal health care system that tends to disease rather than prevention. They're fed up with high-tech wizardry that doesn't ease their pain and in many cases causes further iatrogenic complications and weakens their immune systems.”

By contrast, Traditional Chinese Medicine views sickness from another perspective: Why was this person's immune system so weak as to succumb to the bacteria, virus, or other intruder in the first place? That brings us to traditional herbal medicines, the foundation of Chinese healing and healthcare for thousands of years. This accumulation of knowledge is unequaled anywhere in the world. No other country even comes close.
Western medicine merely gives us chemical antibiotics to kill the out-of-control germs. But then what? At Alderman Medical Acupunture of Idaho we ask: What are we doing to prevent a reoccurrence—especially if antibiotics are losing their effectiveness through over-use?

For example, the earliest western drug therapy was Jenner's discovery of the smallpox inoculation in 1796. This remedy used the common foxglove's dried leaves, digitalis, which contains important glycosides. It's also a powerful cardiac stimulant. But did you know that smallpox inoculation was widely used in China more than 200 years before Jenner's discovery? It has even been documented that doctors were sent from Turkey and Czarist Russia in the late 1600s to learn smallpox inoculation from the Chinese.

Mark Taylor Writes In His Excellent Book, Chinese Patent Medicines
Don’t Spend Another Season Suffering With Allergies!

"To underscore the differences between Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine, we should look at the differences in treatment between the two systems. Gastrointestinal (stomach, digestive and intestinal) problems represent the largest block of complaints from Americans. Yet western medicine offers only three methods of treatment other than surgery. There are anti-ulcer drugs (Tagamet, Zantac), over-the-counter remedies to neutralize stomach acid (Rolaids, Tums, Maalox), and drugs that produce more mucus (Cytotex). These products work by either blocking the production of stomach acid, or by producing more mucus in the GI tract to create a barrier. But this only masks the irritation and pain of hydrochloric acid on the stomach lining.

"In contrast, Chinese medicine offers dozens of herbal formulas to enhance the digestive system's normal function. Instead of blocking symptoms, it concentrates on the root cause so that the symptoms will not reappear. In fact, there are dozens and dozens of separate and distinct formulas that affect various aspects of digestive functions. There is even an entire school of Chinese medical thought linking disease to the malfunctioning of digestion!"

  • Chinese herbal medicine also avoids many of the nasty side-effects produced by Western pharmaceuticals, especially the so-called “sledgehammer” drugs such as wide-spectrum antibiotics. Herbal formulas are gentle and offer a slow but steady rate of improvement.

  • Herbal treatment of the common cold is vastly superior to the over-the-counter remedies available in drugstores. Chinese medicine recognizes several types of colds, and has developed treatments appropriate for each condition and its complications.

  • There are also few Western treatments for women's menstrual and menopausal complications, except hormone replacement therapy -- with its nightmarish side-effects -- and medications that relieve the pain of cramps. Chinese herbal medicine offers formulas to build blood, regulate the menstrual cycle, increase fertility, and eliminate hot flashes.

  • Chinese herbal medicine also strengthens our natural energy, which wanes as we grow older. There are remarkable formulas for rebuilding this energy and strengthening the kidney energy lost in the aging process.

Alderman Medical Acupunture of Idaho is unique in our Treasure Valley, for Dr. Alderman’s mission and focus is truly the practice of Integrated Medicine. Simply stated, “Our focus is on health and healing rather than disease and treatment. We view patients as whole people with minds and spirits as well as bodies and include these dimensions into diagnosis and treatment.” It also involves you the patient and Dr. Alderman working to maintain health by paying attention to lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, quality of rest and sleep, and the nature of relationships.

“It matters not if medicine is old or new so long as it can cure. It matters not if theories come from East or West so long as they be true.”
                                                             ~Jen-Hsou Lin, Taipei


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